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Get a whole lotta glamour from these French-themed nails! They are the finest, prettiest and most flexible false nails from Maybelline Colorama range. With their natural look, they are perfectly undetectable as false nails but utterly beautiful in the way they look and wear. There is not an outfit that will not look with these nails.


  • Strong cling. No glue needed – nails are self sticking. No mess
  • Natural look, like you got a French manicure in minutes
  • Super-flexible, just like natural nails
  • Easy-to-apply. You can do it yourself or at salon
  • Quick application
  • Nail glue included. Gentle formula and does not damage nails
  • 24 nails. Can go for a few weeks depending on your level of activity
  • French manicures are glamorous and go very well with smart outfits
  • Produced for the UK and product has gone through rigorous testing for safety

How to use

  • Prepare your nails – wash, remove cuticles, file to shorten your nails, buff nails…
  • Choose right size Colorama nail falsie for your nail
  • Stick on and press… and you’re good to go

Maybelline is a top beauty brand from New York, USA.

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